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WINPRO Funds is a nationally recognized asset based lending platform, offering socially responsible capital products, services and solutions to commercial real estate owners.  We believe in making an impact on the lives of our borrowers by improving their economic circumstances in difficult situations.  With our strong set of values, a high level of honesty and integrity, and over 40 years of combined loan sale experience, WINPRO Managers are committed to creating solid, lasting borrower relationships by precisely matching each borrower requirement with a capital solution structured to assure success.  WINPRO Funds is a direct lender!  We provide a number of loan products to borrowers, from acquisition loans, bridge loans, cash out refi’s, foreclosure and bankruptcy aid, to Marijuana property loans and more.  Our in-house underwriting allows WINPRO Fund Managers the control necessary to eliminate the delays that a traditional “committee” type underwriting processes can generate and provides the financial flexibility to structure customized and specific loan products to each borrower circumstance.  We are anxious to help you with courtesy and professionalism.  Click, or give WINPRO Funds a call today!

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