WINPRO Debt Opportunity Fund II

WINPRO Funds is pleased to announce the launch of our third alternative debt fund – WINPRO Debt Opportunity Fund II, LLC. This new fund will allow accredited investors a platform in which to participate is this exciting alternative debt investment space. WINPRO Debt Opportunity Fund II will offer investors:

  • Ten percent (10%) Preferred Return (cumulative)
  • Fifty-Fifty (50%/50%) Investor Split on Origination Fees and Points
  • Eighty Percent (80%) Carried Interest;
  • Targeted 20% (+) Internal Rates of Return (IRR).
  • Investment Diversification
  • Fee Simple Collateralization (all debt is secured by commercial real estate);
  • Capital Gains Tax Treatment;
  • Professional Management;
  • Established Manager with Outstanding Track Record;

Don’t delay. Past Investment Funds have closed quickly due to full subscription.

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