Alternative Real Estate Debt Fund’s offer some of the highest returns on investment dollars found anywhere in the financial markets and commercial real estate markets. Experts recommend that at least 20% of your portfolio should be in alternative investments. Why you may ask? Diversification & higher returns! Think about it; the Dow Jones Industrial Average has a 7.4% average 3-year return, the S&P’s 3-year return is 8.5%, and the Russell 2000 comes in a paltry 1.1%. This is not to say an investor should forgo such investments – it is to say that investors should be diversified across several asset platforms. WINPRO offers investors the opportunity to invest in a real estate debt fund as well as offering several investment vehicles designed to meet investor objectives.

WINPRO offers investors:

  • Secure Investments – all WINPRO’s commercial real estate loans are collateralized providing investors bond-like security.
  • Cash Flow – 10% Preferred Return paid to Investors
  • Profit Splits – 80/20 after the preferred return
  • Loan Fee Sharing – Investors share in fees charged on loan originations
  • Tax Advantages – Capital Gains Treatment
  • Professional Management – Over 50 years of Commercial Real Estate experience.


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