THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE (TINA) is the new epigram of the financial community. Many financial experts are bemoaning the bubble height of the stock market, commodity market, and the crypto-currency market. Experts largely agree that the price of equities and commodities are vastly dislocated from their fundamental intrinsic values. When will the Bubble Burst? Who knows, but burst it will, and investors will be holding the bag. But there is an alternative!  Financial Advisors are now suggesting that investors hold at least twenty percent (20%) of their portfolio’s in Alternative Investments. WINPRO, LLC offers investors the opportunity to invest in commercial real estate debt!

Enjoy Bond-Like Security with Equity -Like Returns!

WINPRO Funds provide investors with a platform to participate in the exciting capital returns offered through commercial real estate debt, while enjoying the safety offered by secured, collateralized mortgage instruments. WINPRO offers its investors:

  • Security – all loans secured by commercial real estate assets.
  • Cash Flows – Preferred Return Distributed to investors Quarterly.
  • Ten Percent (10%) Preferred Returns.
  • Target Investor Returns of 18%-20%.
  • Investor Splits on Loan Fees.
  • Professional Management.
  • Proven Track Record.
  • Possible Capital Gain Tax Treatment.


Please Call WINPRO to get more information about these exciting investment opportunities. Call Stan Wood or Tony Hemminger at 720.344.1174, or visit our website at

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