Dear Investors:

The leaves are changing, and a new season is upon us. WINPRO hopes that all of you had a pleasant and enjoyable summer.

WINPRO is experiencing a significant increase in loan demand. At present, WINPRO has over $2m of loan requests on collateral that we believe to be lendable.  However, WINPRO’s current debt funds are completely booked.

Therefore, WINPRO is reaching out with the opportunity to participate in these loan opportunities on a single asset basis. These loans would be underwritten just as the debt fund loans and would have similar terms and pricing (10-12/2-5/1yr). Loan-to-value ratios would be at .65 or better. However, time is of the essence, as these prospective borrowers will soon seek funding elsewhere. These loans offer excellent risk-adjusted returns and allow the opportunity for investors to allocate capital outside of the fund structure on a one-off basis.

These loans range in size from $100,000 – $1.335m. Thus, there are available loan sizes to meet individual investor capacity and desired capital outlay.

To learn more about these loan opportunities and how you can participate, please give us a call at 720.344.1174. Remember, these loans will move elsewhere, so please call today.

Stan Wood
Tony Hemminger

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