With stock equities plummeting and bond yields rising, how is an investor to allocate capital? What to do?   HOW IS THE INVESTOR TO ALLOCATE CAPITAL?

All of the major stock indices are down significantly year-to-date. The Dow is off -15.6%, S&P -20.5%, and Nasdaq -20.9%. The astute investor is keenly aware that as interest rates continue to rise, equity multiples will decline, putting further downward pressure on pricing. Bond investors will fair no better! As bond yields rise, bond prices fall.  Most experts now believe that the Federal Reserve Bank (FED) is well behind the curve of fighting inflation. As such, rates will continue to rise, bonds values will decline. So, WHAT TO DO?

Cash is trash. In a high inflationary environment, simply sitting on cash is a catastrophic. Investors need a vehicle that offers short duration and simultaneously keeps pace with inflation. There is such a vehicle.

Alternative Investments offer investors several attractive investment platforms. Alternative Debt Funds (ADF) offer investors an excellent diversification vehicle. ADF’ offer investors excellent equity type investment returns with bond like safety. WINPRO offers sever types of ADR, each suited to meet investor objectives. WINPRO offers:

WDOF II offers its investors:
Safe Investment – all WINPRO’s commercial real estate loans are collateralized providing investors bond-like security.
Cash Flow – 10% Preferred Return distributed to Investors quarterly.
Loan Fee Sharing – 50/50 Split Investors/Management (Yield Accelerator)
Profit Splits – 80/20 after the preferred return to Investor.
Capital Appreciation – Loan Purchases (Yield Accelerator).
Diversification – Alternative SEC Reg D. Debt Fund
Secure Investment – All capital secured by commercial real estate property(s)
Tax Advantages – Potential Capital Gains Treatment.
Professional Management – Over 50 years of Commercial Real Estate experience.

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