WINPRO Debt Opportunity Fund II, LLC (WDOF II) is pleased to announce we have raised an additional $1,115,000, so far in the 3rd Quarter. In the 2nd Quarter 2021, WDOF II raised over $500,000 of additional investment capital. This brings WDOF’s total capitalization to over $10M!

We want to welcome our new investors and thank them for the trust and confidence that they have placed in WDOF II and its Manager, WINPRO LLC.

WINPRO offers investors the opportunity to participate in an SEC regulated Alternative Real Estate Debt Fund. WINPRO offers several investment vehicles designed to meet investor objectives. WINPRO offers investors:

Safe Investment – all WINPRO’s commercial real estate loans are collateralized providing investors bond-like security.
Cash Flow – 10% Preferred Return distributed to Investors quarterly.
Loan Fee Sharing – 50/50 Split Investors/Management (Yield Accelerator)
Profit Splits – 80/20 after the preferred return to Investor.
Capital Appreciation – Loan Purchases (Yield Accelerator).
Diversification – Alternative SEC Reg D. Debt Fund
Secure Investment – All capital secured by commercial real estate property(s)
Tax Advantages – Potential Capital Gains Treatment.
Professional Management – Over 50 years of Commercial Real Estate experience.

Be sure to let your friends, family and colleagues know about WINPRO’s exciting investment platforms.

If you have any questions, or want to know how to invest, please call WINPRO at 720.344.1174, email stan@winprofunds, tony@winprofunds.

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